The main types of civil engineering for which we have the competence and experience to design, are the following:

  • highways, national roads, regional roads, county roads, streets, alleys and forest roads;
  • road bridges, railway bridges;
  • road crossings, railway crossings;
  • footbridges;
  • tunnels;
  • underground parkings;
  • road systematization;
  • industrial roads;
  • parking arrangements;
  • parks with playgrounds;
  • buildings for public administration;
  • hospitals;
  • schools, kindergartens;
  • other types of civil engineering constructions.

Depending on the specificity of each type of civil engineering construction, we can offer a complete range of services, which can be contracted as an individual project or can be requested in the form of a more complex project.

We offer the following main types of services:

  • consulting services (advice for adopting optimal solutions at the lowest possible prices);
  • architectural services (3D design and plan of the construction, interior design project, exterior design project - landscape design);
  • planning services (structure, installations, vertical systematization);
  • site management (tracking and controlling costs);
  • technical assistance services (ensuring good collaboration between the parties involved and the smooth running of the project from the beginning to the end).

We already have in our portfolio a series of projects performed with great success, completed on time and with the lowest possible costs.

We are interested in contracting new projects of civil engineering, we make the correct evaluation of the work and we respect the promised deadlines.

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