About Us

About Us

We are a team of people governed by the principle of fairness and we have impeccable ethical behavior. Each of us is dedicated to the profession, passionate about what we do and permanently concerned to bring value to our clients, through the newest and most efficient solutions. 

The experience of each specialist brings value to the whole team, and together, through a very good communication and collaboration, we manage to bring to life the most sustainable, safe and beautiful projects.

Our team consists of 20 specialists in different but complementary fields, thus having the possibility to offer a complete range of services at international standards.

Even if we are a compact team, when the situation demands, we are open to work with new partners, to find the best solutions for our clients, this being our main priority.



Our Vision

Our vision is that of a company that has always delivered what it promised to its customers, and they come back with all the confidence to develop new projects.


Our Mission

Our mission is to find the most efficient solutions for our clients and deliver the promised results, under the conditions clearly stated in the contract.


Our Values

1. Honesty

2. Integrity

3. Quality

4. Safety


Our Services

Planning of: highways, national roads, county roads, streets, road and railway bridges, road and railway tunnels, footbridges, underground parkings.

Planning of: industrial buildings (metalic, concrete or mixed), logistic spaces, farms, barns, factories and other types of constructions for industrial use.

Planning of: accommodation units, restaurants, residential buildings, office buildings, headquarters, financial banking offices, commercial centers.

Why work with us

We are always customer focused

We listen to you and we are eager to understand your needs correctly.

We pay close attention to details

Some things that seem minor can be of major importance.

We are fair and transparent

We make a correct and transparent evaluation of all the projects.

We always deliver on time the promised results

We promise only what we know we can deliver for sure.

We take responsibility for quality

We recommend and we work with the highest quality materials.

We apply Certified Management Systems

Quality - SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 and Environment - SR EN ISO 14001: 2005.

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